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About Us

My great grandma Mardy was an esteemed seamstress and milliner in far north Queensland for most of her life. Born in the early 1900’s and living to be just shy of her 101st birthday,  her longevity can be largely attributed to a healthy lifestyle and keeping herself busy with her many passions.  Her fervour for family, clothing, cleaning and how best to care for animals, has been a huge part in creating The Probiotic Line.

Today, the need for effective, yet safe products has never been greater for the future of our families and the health of the planet. Using great grandma Mardy’s old recipe and  adhering to the Environmental Working Group framework, we have developed two truly cleansing, gently scented, sustainable, Probiotic infused products – with a handful more in the development phases.

Our products harness the amazing cleverness of probiotics to eliminate pathogens, replacing bad bacteria with good bacteria to keep our clothes - and our animals' furry skin - healthy and fresh.

These probiotics team up with an energetically charged hydrosol containing Citrine and Rose quartz, helping each wash to impart both of those frequencies into your home sanctuary and your animal's skin.  

Age old cleaning wisdom, the cleverness of probiotics, and a love for our planet. That is The Probiotic Line.

Love and abundance,

Tammy xxxx